Banking needs of senior citizens confined in their homes during COVID 19

We, the members of Second Innings Association a group of experienced persons in UT Chandigarh, bring to your kind notice the following problems being faces by large number of Senior Citizens during the COVID pandemic.

We have been into COVID crisis now for over six months and started living with it but for Senior Citizens it has been a very very difficult time and there seems no let up for them. As such, during this long fight we have to look into problems of senior citizens very seriously. And their prime need is availability of Banking facilities to cater to their daily needs.

We request a joint action by Central Govt as well as Reserve Bank of India on Pan India basis

As per protocol issued during COVID crisis all Senior Citizens have been advised to remain at home and they are advised to not to go out side their houses except in cases of health emergencies. Under these circumstances they are confined to homes and find it difficult to meet their daily requirements like groceries, vegetables and fruits along with their medicines and above all their needs of Currency and banking transactions as they have to pay their bills etc. Of course, many able-bodied Senior Citizens are able to use internet for online transactions but for daily needs they need cash which either they can get from Bank Branches or ATMs.

Going to Banks or ATM again exposes the Senior Citizens.

We know there are many Banking Facilities made available especially for Senior Citizens but most of these are all on papers only. As such through this representation it is requested that all bank branches throughout the country, may be sensitized to the need of Senior Citizens and they may be directed to issue hepline numbers where Senior Citizens can call for their Cash needs at their doorsteps against issue of cheques in favour of banks.

For Other helps, in dire needs like Medicines and Daily consumables local police department may be sensitized to attend to their needs.

A national whatsapp and online help may be appropriate for large numbers of them

This will be a great help to them

For an early action please.

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