Covid 19 Outbreak from China Yet Again Triggered “Ban- Tiktok” Appeal of Indians

The Coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has infected more than 550,000 people across the World. It has left businesses around the world struggling for their existence, costing billions of dollars.

As the Indians are facing the heat of the “Chinese Virus” as its now been popularly called, their sentiments have again been triggered by the “China Outbreak” and now are urging the government to ban Tiktok in India. More than 10,000 tweets in less than 10 hours to ban Tiktok in India have been trending on Twitter since Friday morning.

Ms. Renu Mathur, renowned social activist and known as padwoman strongtly felt the need for #BanTikTokInIndia. She said, “ We should avoid using any Chinese product, wherever possible, and corner them economically as the revenge to what they have caused to the global economy and sudden rise of unemployment”

Commenting on the Tiktok ban in India, Ms. Mathur, said “I strongly oppose the Tiktok app. This is how Chinese are having access to our valuable personal data which may hit us badly if we continue to use the app”

Mr. Vinay Kumar, resident of Chandigarh said ‘Chinese company is earning money from us and damage our country’s economy. Chinese apps like tiktok is totally wastage of time, and misguide inncocent people of ourcountry specially youngsters. We should consider other options and help our country.

Saurabh Aggarwal, CEO, Invinciblez Entertainment Said ‘Apps likeTikTok mostly based on poor sense of humour, and it contains body colour shaming, inappropriate jokes and wastage of time, He further said TikTok is not at all constructive and spoiling the time and skills of our youngsters but is also impacting them.

Prior to this, on March 12, Republican Senator, Josh Hawley, introduced a bill into the Senate to ban the downloading and use of TikTok, the Chinese social media app, on all federal government devices as he sees it as a potential threat to US Govt’s Data security. The video of which is also trending on Facebook with over 1.3 million views and more than 1,40,000 shares.

In the past also, Tiktok has been facing heat from Indians to ban the app in the Country because of thousands of deaths occurred in the country while making Tiktok Videos, platform has been allegedly involved in many controversies including supporting hate speech, spreading fake news, communal violence, breach of data security etc.

Last year, Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) – the economic wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh — also called for a ban on Chinese social media applications TikTok and Helo, to protect India’s national security and startup ecosystem. In a letter sent to Prime Minister, it said “While we have extensive regulation on foreign funding in media, these applications under the garb of social media platforms circumvent our domestic rules that exist to protect national security,” SJM claimed the Chinese ByteDance-owned applications were exposing India’s youth to vested interests at an early stage.

PIL is already filed by Heena Darvesh, against the popular chinese app in Mumbai High Court in Nov 2019 claiming the app is causing criminal offences and deaths.

Incidentally, TikTok was banned by Madras High Court last year, which was later revoked.

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