First Eye Bank Of North India To Open In Guru’s Langar Eye Hospital

Needy cornea transplant will be completely free
The first Eye Bank of North India is going to open in Chandigarh. This Eye Bank will be set up at Guru’s Langar Charitable Eye Hospital located in Sector 18. This information was given by HS Sabharwal, General Secretary of Guru Ka Langar Eye Hospital. HS Sabharwal said that for the start of I Bank, the Ministry of Health has been asked to inspect and start public awareness for it. HS Sabharwal further explained that this will be the first and largest eye bank in North India.

Once it starts, there will be good news for those whose eyesight has gone. Now you can transplant cornea without spending any money. HS Sabharwal further informed that a life awareness campaign will be conducted before its launch. Under which a 05-member team from Guru’s Langar Charitable Eye Hospital will visit temples, gurudwaras, schools, colleges and other institutions and make them aware of the virtuous work like eye donation.

So that people will be inspired to take oath after death, HS Sabharwal said that the family who donated the eye will be honored for their noble cause.
According to HS Sabharwal, PGI has about 4 years of waiting for cornea transplant. Whereas, within just one week of the start of this Eye Bank, the patient’s cornea will be transplanted and sent to the home along with necessary medicine.

According to him, a machine worth Rs 1.25 crore has also been imported from America to protect the deceased’s eye for a cornea transplant. He informed that after the introduction of Eye Bank, the cornea transplant will be completely free from the hospital. It costs 25-30 thousand for a cornea transplant in PGI, it will be free here. Apart from this, arrangements for patients’ stay and food will also be done by the hospital. The same Guru’s anchor, Charitable Eye Hospital spokesperson Ravindra Singh Billa, said that this effort being started by Eye Hospital will benefit people a lot.

On the occasion, a machine worth Rs 28 lakh was also donated to Guru’s Langar Charitable Eye Hospital on behalf of Saurabh Chemical. Through which the donated eye strength can be examined. Saurabh Chemical chairman Parveen Goyal said that this machine has been assigned in view of the efforts being made by the hospital for social service.

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